First test is free---limited time only April 1 2019

Automotive Repair Services

We offer a full service auto repair shop to all makes and models. We also specialize in Honda vehicles with extensive factory trained knowledge. We are a licensed safety inspection station, and we also do emission tests.  We can repair major problems from engines & transmissions to flat tires & oil changes.

Competitive Shop Rate of $103/hr; Safety Inspections $139.95;  Alignments $89.95; Seasonal Tire Change Over and Balance $105; A/C Checks $51.00; Emission Tests-> as of Apr 1st 2017- FREE!

While it's often referred to simply as an "alignment" or "wheel alignment," it's really complex suspension angles that are being measured and a variety of

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Required every 2 years (Odd years to test on even model years ) on models 7 years or older. Transferable for 1 year on full pass.

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Ensure your car or truck is in top condition, before you hit the road, with a complete automotive inspection. Our experienced team of trained technicians p

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